One of the most frequently asked question from me as a dentist is, what is the best toothbrush/toothpaste brand?

Regardless of branding and packaging, I will tell you a few tips to choose the best toothbrush according to your needs.

There are certain criteria that you should look for in whatever toothbrush you choose:


1- Size: the toothbrush will need to give you appropriate access to the whole mouth, you need to clean at the back of your last tooth as well, so before choosing the toothbrush, think if the head size is appropriate for cleaning the less accessible parts.

2- Bristle variety: We want to brush our teeth and gums GENTLY. Often, we brush too hard without realising. Soft bristles protect the gums, as well as the teeth, from severe brushing force. Often if we brush too hard, this can cause receding gums and cause teeth sensitivity.

3- Compact bristles head: Compact bristles allow you to brush into the crevices between the teeth much better

Manual or Electric, that is the question!

Scientific research shows that there is no significant difference between an electric toothbrush compared to a manual toothbrush. Therefore, first and foremost, the brushing technique and the time you spend to clean your teeth is the most important criteria, not the type and the brand of toothbrush.

As long as you clean your teeth regularly using proper brushing technique, you should be able to reduce plaque build-up and keep your gums healthy with either a manual or Electric toothbrush. But if an electric toothbrush encourages you or loved ones to brush enjoyably, more easily or attentively, please buy one ?

Best toothbrush for children:

  • Small head (1-1.5cm in length)
  • Soft or super-soft bristles
  • Fewer toothbrush bristles
  • Your child’s favourite colour! Maybe even with his/her favourite cartoon character ?
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