Dental Sedation and Happy Gas

Making your dental treatment more comfortable

“Happy Gas” is a mild form of sedation. It is a safe and most commonly used inhalation technique to relieve anxiety during dental treatment. A mixture of nitrogen and oxygen is administered through a mask before treatment under dentist supervision. Nitrous oxide is impressively safe and is excellent for kids and adult patients with mild to moderate levels of anxiety.

Sedation options for your dental treatment

Any of a range of sedation medications, taken orally, offers a common and easy way to relax your anxiety before a dental procedure. These medications can be prescribed by our expert clinicians in advance of any dental procedure.

Conscious sedation is commonly used in dentistry to reduce anxiety, discomfort and pain during dental procedures. The medication is almost always given through an IV line on the arm and under supervision of anaesthetist. The medication helps the patient relax and minimises discomfort while the patient is almost awake during the procedure and may remember some of the procedure afterwards. A family member of friend should accompany the patient to drive them back home following recovery.

Be sure to express your anxiety to the Distinct Dental Centre reception when making your appointment. Knowing your concerns will help us to adapt treatment to your needs and to administer or prescribe sedation. Please help us to make a distinct dental journey for you.

More Information

How safe is Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation?

Nitrous Oxide sedation is an extremely safe method, used by millions worldwide..

Who is Intravenous sedation suitable for?

IV Sedation may be suitable for

  • Patients with severe anxiety, phobia and fear
  • Patients undergoing a lengthly, complex dental procedure
  • Patients who have experienced previous dental trauma or who are sensitive to pain
  • People with a strong gag reflex


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