CBCT- iCat

Cone Beam CT. Scan (CBCT) is a kind of CT or computed tomography scan.

Low radiation dose 3D x-ray.

3D x-rays have transformed dentistry to much higher accuracy and safety levels. Unlike the traditional 2D black and white x-rays, the CBCT machine gives our Dentist a higher level of information which can be used to more accurately plan your dental treatment. Having the 3D x-ray technology helps our dentist evaluate and plan every complex dental procedure including dental implant placement, surgical removal of wisdom teeth, root canal treatment and so on. This incredibly reduces the risk of complications and unexpected adverse events.  The technology also helps our Doctor more precisely plan any orthodontic treatment for your best functional and aesthetic outcome.

iCat is one of the most reputable CBCT Scanners which can provide highly precise images at low dose of radiation. Having worked with many types of different CBCT units, we have found iCAT to be the most comfortable unit for our patients and provides amazingly high-quality images for our dentist.

3D Dental X-rays FAQs

How long does it take to have a 3D x-ray?

A 3D X-ray is very fast and only takes around 30 seconds.

How does a 3D x-ray provide more information compared to a 2D x-ray?

Once we have uploaded the 3D image to our computer, we can than turn this image on several angles on the 3D plane. This means we can more accurately see the angle of your jaws, teeth and roots. This enhanced angle often allows us to discover things (such as hidden teeth fragments) that may not be discoverable on a 2-D x-ray.


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