How to get your children to brush their teeth – Tips from our Sydney Dentist

  • When you are going to buy a toothbrush and/or toothpaste, please go with your children and ask their opinion about the size, shape, colour of the toothbrushes. Let them feel responsible and excited about their choice.
  • When they are younger, please brush your own teeth along side your kids and make it fun. Be creative and use your sense of humour. It is something that may change your child’s life. When you have bright and clean smile, you are melting their heart.
  • If they are older and they are not used to brushing, it is a little hard but still possible. You can tell them they can do something they like at the same time as brushing their teeth. For example, you can tell them while you are brushing you can watch TV, or listen to the music, radio,….we find this helps children brush their teeth for longer as it’s not as boring as it used to be!


Please remember we are here to make your dental treatment as joyful as possible.

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