New Patient Dental Exam

A Dental Examination is an important appointment in which you meet our friendly dentist, Dr Kia, and discuss any concerns you have about your teeth, gum, smile, pain, discomfort or anything else related to your oral health or appearance. Dr Kia will take the time to understand your expectations, any potential fear or anxiety, and any special need regarding your medical history.

How Long Is The First Appointment?

For your checkup appointment, we allocate you one hour time either in our purple or teal room in order to have enough time to assess and address your concerns.

At Distinct Dental Centre there are 3 steps in our Dental Exam

1. Distinct Oral Health Assessment

Following our greeting and making sure that you are comfortable, our Dr Kia will listen to your concerns and expectations. According to the initial conversation, he will complete comprehensive dental assessment. At Distinct Dental Centre, we have innovative technologies which assist our dentist in performing a safe and comprehensive assessment. Diagnocam is one of our advanced technologies which enables Dr Kia to find decay and cracks on the tooth without the immediate need for an x-ray. Nevertheless, based on clinical judgement, the dentist may recommend further assessments using 3D x-ray, 3D scan, clinical photos, or clinical tests.

Our cutting-edge Dental x-rays exposes a very low radiation dose that’s completely safe, even during pregnancy.

2. Distinct Personalised Treatment Plan

Following our initial conversation, thorough examination and analysis of clinical records, we will explain and help you to fully understand your dental condition; and if you can benefit from a dental procedure to improve your oral health or dental aesthetics, treatment options including their pros and cons will be discussed. It is an interactive and informative process where you can ask your questions anytime.A hard/soft copy of treatment options including timeframe and costs plus diagnostic records can be provided upon your request. If you decide to go ahead with any recommended treatment, our friendly staff are always ready to book your appointment when it is convenient for you.

3. Distinct Teeth Cleaning (Optional)

The routine examination may be completed with a thorough professional cleaning and scaling in order to remove plaque, the soft yellowish build-up, and calculus (hardened plaque) around your teeth. These build-ups are made up of billions of different types of bacteria that live and reproduce in our mouth by feeding on the food we eat. Certain types of bacteria in dental plaque, can lead to cavities (holes in the teeth) or gum disease. Following cleaning, you will find your teeth surface whiter and fresher. Fluoride application on cleaned and fresh surfaces of the teeth will reduce plaque retention and strengthen the teeth against bacterial invasion and subsequent tooth cavities (holes). If Dr Kia finds initial bacterial invasion on a tooth surface, application of Fluoride and tooth mousse together can be more effective.

Oral hygiene and diet education, including the effective method of brushing and flossing, will be the last, but not the least part of the cleaning package. Our dentist also may give you some dietary advice in order to improve your dental and general health.

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