Cracked and Broken Tooth Treatment

Can a cracked or broken tooth be repaired?

Sometimes cracks could be tricky and hard to find, but using Diagnocam technology, we can find most of hidden cracks without exposing you to an x-ray. A chipped or cracked tooth should be assessed as soon as possible to evaluate extension, potential underlying cause and risks. Fortunately, most of the cracked teeth are savable and according to the cause assessment are preventable. 

What could happen if I don’t get my damaged tooth assessed by a dentist?

A broken tooth, whether painful or not, should be assessed and treated by our dentist quickly (within a day or two) so that the underlying cause is treated right away. Left untreated, the broken/cracked tooth may fracture further, cause sensitivity and/or pain or increase the risk of dental caries which may cause the tooth to not be saveable.

Broken Tooth FAQs

Is a broken tooth an emergency?

A chipped or cracked tooth is an emergency if the fracture is very painful or has left sharp fragments that cause trauma inside your mouth. If the tooth is chipped but does not hurt, you may be able to wait to see your dentist but we encourage you to call us immediately so that we can provide advice for your particular situation.

What is Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

Cracked Tooth Syndrome is a dental condition characterised by symptoms of sharp pain on chewing without any visible reason, which is actually caused by a ‘hidden’ crack of the tooth.


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