Pain Free Dentistry

How do we make your dental experience comfortable and pain free?

At Distinct Dental Centre, North Strathfield, you’ll receive the reassurance and attention you need; the atmosphere is soothing; the soft music we play; the essential aromatherapy oils we use to neutralise typical dental odours; the visual and auditory facilities to distract you from dental procedure. Not to mention the caring, experienced understanding manner of our staff and practitioners.

For those suffering from mild dental anxiety, we recommend the following strategies

Focus on slow and regular breathing during your dental appointment. When we are nervous, we tend to hold our breath, which decreases oxygen levels and can further increase feelings of panic. Like when you are doing meditation, you can focus on your breathing.

If the sound of the drill bothers you, you can distract yourself by listening to music via our headphones. To allow you to lose all sense of your surroundings we also provide digital screen and Netflix access in surgery rooms that you can watch your favorite movie or drama with head set during dental procedure.

Avoid caffeine before your appointment as this may elevate your heart rate and potentially increase your anxiety.

For those suffering from extreme dental anxiety, we offer these sedation options:

  • “Happy Gas” is a mild form of sedation. It is a safe and most commonly used inhalation technique to relieve anxiety during dental treatment. A mixture of nitrogen and oxygen is administered through a mask before treatment under dentist supervision. Nitrous oxide is impressively safe material and is excellent for kids and adult patients with mild to moderate levels of anxiety.
  • Any of a range of sedation medications, taken orally, offers a common and easy way to relax your anxiety before a dental procedure. These medications can be prescribed by our expert clinicians in advance of any dental procedure.
  • Conscious sedation is commonly used in dentistry to reduce anxiety, discomfort and pain during dental procedure. The medication is almost always given through an IV line on the arm and under supervision of anesthetist. The medication helps the patient relax and minimize discomfort while the patient is almost awake during the procedure and may remember some of the procedure afterwards. A family member of friend should accompany the patient to drive them back to home following recovery.

Be sure to express your anxiety concerns to the Distinct Dental Centre reception when making your appointment. There is nothing wrong with having anxiety during dental procedure. Knowing your concerns will help us to adapt treatment to your needs and to administer or prescribe sedation if needed. Please help us to make a distinct dental journey for you.


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