At Home Orthodontics Treatment


We get it, life is busy. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your new smile on hold!

Our smart-phone Dental Monitoring app gives you the convenience you want without compromising the care you need.


We still love to see you in our clinic to personally check on your teeth straightening process, but we can reduce the amount of times you need to visit us.

Simply take photos of your teeth when Dr Kia sends you a message. He’ll check your progress online and let you know how your new smile is progressing.

Remote Monitoring FAQs

Can my clear aligner treatment be done 100% from home?

Whilst we offer remote check-ins for your clear aligner treatment, there are still some critical times during your orthodontic journey that you’ll need to see Dr Kia. These include, your initial appointment, the bonding/removing of any aligner attachments, inter-proximal reduction and the issuing of retainers.

Does Dental Monitoring mean faster treatment?

The Dental Monitoring app uses the combination of AI technology and Dr Kia’s expertise to analyse the progress of your tooth movement. Any teeth that are not moving according to plan, are quickly picked up by the app. This means we can instruct you almost immediately on any changes you may need to make (such as the time needed to wear your aligners or extra care needed to brush your teeth). Alerting you quickly to any issues, rather than waiting for you to come in for an appointment, usually means that your treatment progresses more quickly than it would without the remote technology.


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