Tooth Extraction

Why might I need a tooth removed?

Teeth may be removed for many reasons including:

  • A deep crack
  • Large or deep fractures (breaks)
  • Deep decay
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth infection
  • Orthodontic purpose (to make more room for adult teeth)

Why choose Distinct Dental Centre for your Tooth Extraction?

  • Our Dentist has over 20 years experience in safe and pain free tooth extraction
  • High tech 3D x-ray for comprehensive assessment before extraction to plan for minimum risk and maximum comfort
  • Strictest levels of sterilisation and infection control measures
  • Effective sedation for anxious patients
  • Visiting Specialist for complex cases


How can I ensure my tooth removal is safe and pain-free?

Your comfort and safety is important to us. We have many sedation options available including:

  • Happy Gas: for kids and mild to moderate levels of anxiety for adults
  • Conscious sedation by in house anaesthetist for severely anxious adults

Please contact our caring team if you need more details. Also, you can book a consultation appointment for further assessment and discussing your options if you need any tooth extraction.


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