Gum Disease Treatments

What is gum (periodontal) disease?

The word periodontal means ‘surrounding a tooth’. Periodontal disease (more commonly known as gum disease) attacks the tissues, bone and ligaments supporting your teeth. It is the main reason of tooth loss in adults after 35 years old.

Poor oral hygiene, bacterial plaque, some systemic diseases and/or medications, and genetic factors are common predisposing factors in gum disease. Severe gum disease may result in bone loss around the tooth. Unfortunately bone and supporting structures around the tooth (Periodontium) have a limited capacity for regeneration following damage.

Hence, prevention is the key factor in maintaining healthy and functional dentition.


How can gum (periodontal) disease be prevented or treated?

At Distinct Dental Centre, we set periodic checkup and clean recalls for all our customers to monitor their oral health, and make sure their periodontal condition is under control. Moreover, our friendly staff assist you to correct your method of brushing and flossing and provide you with specific oral hygiene materials if required.

Patients with severe bone loss, may need different stages of treatment including gum surgery* to stop progressive bone loss and improve the tooth support. Management of severe gum disease usually is a multidisciplinary process involves supportive medical, dental, and specialist practitioners and requires patient’s motivation and cooperation.

At Distinct Dental Centre, our practitioner and the patient work together as a team in order to not only address gum disease issues, but also to enhance morale and motivation for excellent periodontal care long-term.

*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner


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