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Dental veneers are custom-made shells of tooth-coloured material designed to cover the front surface of teeth to change their colour, shape, size, or length in order to improve your appearance. Our Dr Kia, in North Strathfield has been transforming smiles with dental veneers for almost 20 years. Many of our North Strathfield and Concord patients prefer veneers over braces or Invisalign as the results are faster. Dental Veneers are often a better option than braces or Invisalign for those people who have dental wear and tear and therefore need the shape of their teeth improved and their teeth whiter.

Our dental veneers are locally made for our North Strathfield Dentist Clinic.

The dental veneer shells are made from porcelain or composite and are be bonded permanently to the front of your teeth to correct dental problems like; dark-stained teeth, a chipped tooth, teeth that are worn down, and to close gaps in between your teeth.


Can I see what I will look like with Dental Veneers before I choose treatment at Distinct Dental North Strathfield?

Yes! At Distinct Dental Centre, North Strathfield, we use the advanced Digital Smile Design (DSD) technology which allows our dentist to design the optimal veneers for you, and allows you to see how your veneers will look on you before you begin treatment! This innovative technology provides you peace of mind and the assurance that you will receive the smile you are happy with.

You can call our friendly staff to give you more details about the process or book a consultation appointment in which we can take your records and discuss it in further details.


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