Children’s dental care is totally different from adult dental care. Going to the dentist for the first time can be a strange experience. It is critical to make that experience as joyful as possible for kids, so that seeing a dentist turns into a positive experience for ever , whether it is a surgery for “wisdom tooth” or transforming your smile with “Invisalign” .

During the physical development of children, improving oral health has an impact on total body health outcomes in adulthood . At Distinct Dental Centre, we will assess your child’s teeth are developing as they should be, by using latest technology , our experienced dentists can correct any issues and provide appropriate treatment and easy to understand advice.


It is crucial that kids associate the dentist with a gentle, pain free experience, so that they do not develop a life-long aversion to dental care. We all know so many adults who carry dental anxiety because of a bad experience in childhood which deprive them from dental treatment when they need it. Preventative treatment is one of the keys to good dental health, so it is very important, as your children become adults, that they are familiar and comfortable enough to meet a dentist routinely for check-ups.

We kindly ask you to bring your child along to our dental office from the age of three. This will be an easy and pleasant appointment for your child to learn about dentistry and the procedure. At Distinct Dental Centre, our aim is to make a memorable dental experience for everyone, especially for kids.

Distinct Dental Centre is built for it’s cultural diversity and family friendly environment. We are proud to contribute to this community with our comprehensive range of services, by using latest technologies, pain free techniques that reduce discomfort and improve the efficiency of dental treatments. We can ensure you that you will be in safe hands, and during your dental treatment, you can enjoy your distinct dental experience. Call us today or book online.

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