Childhood orthodontics helps prevent future dental problems

In line with guidelines, we recommend your child have an orthodontic consultation with us no later than the age of seven. This enables us to identify any potential problems that may affect your child in their teenage and adult years. We’ll be able to provide early treatments that could eliminate the need for braces and more severe solutions in the future.

The most common orthodontic and growth problems that benefit from early treatment procedures are:
  • Crowding
  • Severe overbite (deep) bites
  • Dysfunctional habits (thumb or finger sucking)
  • Narrow jaws and a poor airway

Doctor Kia has over 20 years of orthodontic experience treating young patients, and we will carefully match your child with the most appropriate treatment plan, such as traditional, braces or Invisalign®, which is a nearly invisible solution made specifically for kids.

Our careful, two phase orthodontic approach for kids

We take a careful approach to orthodontics, only intervening is absolutely necessary. If your child does need treatment it will usually occur over two phases.

The first phase of active orthodontic treatment lasts approximately six months and occurs when permanent and baby teeth are present. The corrections made in the first phase are permanent and they are focused on creating a wide enough jaw platform for the future adult teeth. Once the jaw is expanded, there is plenty of room for the future teeth.

At this point, our young patients are then placed in growth evaluation program so we can keep an eye on their dental development.

Phase two, or comprehensive treatment, is started once all the permanent teeth are in place. Phase two is not needed for everyone, but if future teeth come through in an unusual place or at an unusual angle, then phase 2 orthodontics can align these teeth. But because of the early intervention of phase 1, phase two is not nearly as complex as for those patients who have waited too long for treatment.

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